• 25 FEB 13

    Alternative therapies

    Age-related changes have a way of sneaking up on the body before we know it. One minute we’re moving through the world with the greatest of ease, only to have the next one marked by increasing weakness, stiffness, fatigue, injury, physician admonition, and clothes that just won’t fit.

    A common misconception here is that to get back into shape, we need to punish ourselves with extreme daily workouts and zero-calorie diets. In fact, those are not only impossible to sustain, but may do more harm than good. A once a week 30-minute session at SuperSlow® LA is the answer. Here, whole body maximum health and fitness become totally doable, and absolutely achievable.

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    • Fitness and exercise

      SuperSlow LA training builds muscle mass, increases metabolism, gives you more energy and improves your core balance and strength.


  • Strength and stamina, and how exercise will affect a person’s overall health.

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