Slide This is Jeff. Jeff has been training for over a year. Jeff likes it so much, he's going to be a trainer himself. Don't you want to be like Jeff? SuperSlow LA: The fastest way to fitness!

Introducing Jeff. He doesn’t look it, but Jeff is 70 years old. How does he stay in such good shape? He has been training at SuperSlow LA™ every week since January 2016. In fact, Jeff is such a believer, he’s taking courses to become a SuperSlow trainer. Read more testimonials below.

Cathi, a retired cancer survivor, was weak from her medical treatments. After exercising with SuperSlow LA for three months, she feels as strong as her husband.*

Christina is a sports fan who feels that SuperSlow LA allows her to exercise more efficiently than at other training facilities and she likes both her personal trainer, Bruce, and her results.*

Cort is a fitness trainer and actor from Los Angeles who keeps his muscle definition sharp with regular sessions at SuperSlow LA.*

Seeane runs a non-profit organization and has very little free time because she travels all over the nation for her clients, Seeane comes to SuperSlow LA every week.*

Clients are pleased!

Let’s get started. It only takes a few weeks to notice the difference!

Ready to start working out super slooooow? Make a no-obligation appointment to meet with one of our SuperSlow® certified trainers. We’ll give you a free tour, demo the equipment and discuss a training plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. Click to contact us!

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