• Why change from a normal gym to SuperSlow

    Why change from a normal gym to SuperSlow

    SuperSlow is the new method of doing strength-specific exercise that’s quick, thorough, safe and effective. You will spend less time in a SuperSlow studio than any other training facility, yet you’ll accomplish more than you could imagine.

    SuperSlow is great for people who are worried about injuries; this training method is extremely safe and still very effective. You are monitored during your entire workout by a trained instructor who facilitates your routines. We have not had a single workout-related injury in the nearly-20 years we have been open.

    SuperSlow is perfect for people who don’t have time to spend at a gym. You can complete your entire week’s worth of exercise, boosting your muscle strength, bone density, stamina and efficiency in under 30 minutes, and with only one weekly session. It’s hard, but it’s fast.

    SuperSlow is your doctor’s friend. If you have problems with cholesterol, blood pressure, or other issues that your doctor has discussed, SuperSlow can help reduce symptoms and lower your risks. It’s a safe, drug-free way to improve your health.

    SuperSlow is ideal to help you age gracefully. If you want to maintain your weight, stay fit, improve your balance and flexibility, not to mention strengthen your muscles, you should be doing SuperSlow. Call us today for a free evaluation, and we will train you for your first session free. Call Benjamin for an appointment!


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