Healthy Workout

The Conundrum Of “Working Out”

Working out has been beat into our heads as a healthy activity.  In fact, many adults today have been programmed to believe that working out is a true sign of becoming a responsible adult. It is marketed in different forms, such as “being strong,” “flexible,” “balanced,” etc.  All those things sound good, so we join different activities, gyms, and classes that we are told will get us there.

However, many of us are left feeling unsure how to ‘properly’ exercise and we feel a little helpless as to what the next step is. That proper fitness feeling, compounded with all the different popular modern exercise modalities and equipment available with your simple online click or swipe leaves most people absolutely bamboozled regarding working out.  

Truth is … many of us have been misled regarding getting in shape.  In our modern pandemic world it is time to honestly train and treat your body with regular and consistent working out at SuperSlow LA found online at  

SuperSlow LA fulfills our human being essential health need for regular exercise.  SuperSlow is a 30 minute exercise done in single session workouts ONCE A WEEK.  SuperSlow LA uses isometric resistance strength training to assist humans to look better, feel better, build muscle and lose fat.  Get more information and start working out today at SuperSlow LA located in Los Angeles, CA, phone 310-471-1300 and online at  

Because unless you are an athlete whose sole goal is to win and improve their sport, you work out because you want a good and fulfilling life. Whatever your goals in life are, regular workouts at SuperSlow LA will be accessible and put you in the best possible position to achieve them.