Why change from a normal gym to SuperSlow

SuperSlow is the new method of doing strength-specific exercise that’s quick, thorough, safe and effective. You will spend less time in a SuperSlow studio than any other training facility, yet you’ll accomplish more than you could imagine. SuperSlow is great for people who are worried about injuries; this training method is [...]

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Welcome Corrie Blissit, our new trainer

I’m super-excited to announce two things: first, our fantastic trainer of many years, Carly Swartzman, is changing careers, pursuing her dream of helping the L.A. community as a Registered Nurse. Carly’s been studying nursing while working at SuperSlow, and she’s finally ready to change uniforms! Because of this, we were [...]

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Does bad medical news make your blood pressure rise?

It’s happened again. Last year, health officials lowered their recommendations for safe cholesterol levels, bringing millions of adults a lot closer to being at risk of heart disease and directing them to statin medications, the world’s most-prescribed prescription drug. This week, medical experts revised safety limits downward for high blood [...]

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