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“As in any new business, it was “slow” getting going. Susan did a lot of networking so people would know what SuperSlow was about – come and try it, she told them. Now in our 19th year of business, we are fortunate to have wonderful clients and lots of referrals that come from those happy clients.” More.

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Working out has come to this: twice a week for 20 minutes, lift weights as slowly as humanly possible, then sit back and revel in newfound muscles and weight loss. That is the idea behind SuperSlow exercise. More.

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You already know that weight training will make you a more powerful player. Bur how can you add more muscle without spending extra time in the weight room? It’s simple: slow down, at SuperSlowLA. More.

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SuperSlow nixes momentum in favor of a tougher, safer burn. “SuperSlow forces you to slow down and use your muscle instead of momentum in a safer, more controlled environment,” says Melissa Gunn, the instructor at SuperSlowLA in Brentwood, California. More.

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