Personalized Workouts

Customized for you

SUPERSLOWLA doesn’t believe one size fits all. We understand your fitness regimen is not just about exercising; it's about embarking on a journey that’s carefully mapped out to fit your personal needs and aspirations.

We evaluate our clients and create a program tailored to meet their needs and help them reach their goals.

Our exercise equipment is state of the art and we take the time to find the right fit for EVERY BODY.  We have clients as tiny as 4 feet tall and as tall as 6 foot 10 inches. We truly believe that anyone can do our program because we are able to meet a person at their current state of fitness and can accommodate injuries or decreased range of motion.

A once a week, 30-minute session at SUPERSLOWLA is the answer. Here, whole body maximum health and fitness become totally doable, and absolutely achievable.

Everyone is Different

We understand that fitness is a personal journey. That’s why we craft workout programs tailored specifically to you—taking into account your unique goals, body composition, and current fitness level. Whether you’re 4 feet or 6 feet 10 inches tall, our approach ensures that your fitness plan is as individual as you are, designed to bring out your best.

Equipment that Fits

We believe in the importance of precision in your workout routine. Every piece of equipment is meticulously adjusted to suit your body size and length, enhancing the effectiveness of your exercises while minimizing the risk of injury. This level of customization ensures a comfortable, effective workout experience, regardless of your height or build.

We Adapt with You

Our philosophy centers on meeting you at your current level of strength and adjusting as you progress. This adaptive approach means that you’re always engaging in workouts that are challenging yet achievable, promoting continuous improvement without pushing you beyond your limits. Let’s begin this personalized fitness journey together.

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What's the secret to SUPERSLOWLA?

It's simple: if you force your body to move very slowly with resistance until you are completely exhausted, you can achieve fast muscle growth and core strength without wasting hours in a conventional gym!
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