This is the new way to work out.

Age-related changes have a way of sneaking up on the body before we know it. One minute we’re moving through the world with the greatest of ease, only to have the next one marked by increasing weakness, stiffness, fatigue, injury, physician admonition, and clothes that just won’t fit.

A common misconception is that to get back into shape, we need to punish ourselves with extreme daily workouts and zero-calorie diets. In fact, those are not only impossible to sustain but may do more harm than good. A once a week, 30-minute session at SUPERSLOWLA is the answer. Here, whole body maximum health and fitness become totally doable, and absolutely achievable.

Once a week for 30 minutes at SUPERSLOWLA is everything you need in a workout.

Our breakthrough program leaves whatever excuses you may have to not get fit in the dust.

“I haven’t got time to work out.” Your SUPERSLOWLA workout is just 30 minutes, once a week. That’s all it takes to get your body feeling and looking its best.

“I’ve been injured and worry about getting hurt.” The slow-motion one-on-one programs at SUPERSLOWLA are tailored to your body and its condition. During recovery, the right kinds of supervised exercise can help speed the healing.

“Weight training is only for bodybuilders.” Everyone needs resistance training for maximum health and fitness. Rather than bulk you up, the SUPERSLOWLA isometric strength training will lean you out.

Give us a few months and you’ll look and feel better than ever.

A couple of months of SUPERSLOWLA single session workouts per week and you’ll experience remarkable changes not just in your health, but in your life as well. Every system in the body benefits as you build muscle and lose fat. Plus, you’ll not only look better, you’ll sleep better and be in a better mood too.

Come in for a free consultation.

Seeing is believing. Experience is understanding. Consider yourself invited in for an evaluation, to see our studio, and enjoy a sample training session, at no charge. Call or click on the link above for an appointment with one of our expert SUPERSLOWLA trainers.

We’re open 7 days a week – by appointment only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the secret to SUPERSLOWLA

It's simple: if you force your body to move very slowly with resistance until you are completely exhausted, you can achieve fast muscle growth and core strength without wasting hours in a conventional gym!
Benjamin Fisher
SuperSlow LA
I have been training with Benjamin Fisher at Super Slow LA for years.. I love it!!I had been looking for a weight bearing exercise regime to supplement my pilates classes, and this is perfect.. It is private, personal and I truly feel stronger after each session.. Ben is caring and considerate, always putting his clients first.. The fact that I can have this intense workout in only 20 minutes, and then go on with my day..is just the icing on the cake..Thanks Ben...
Benjamin helped me gain back muscle which had atrophied after struggling with long-covid symptoms for almost two years. Ben started with what I was able to do and we worked up to get me back to my pre-covid level of lifting (maybe even better). Ironically, the SuperSlow technique works super fast and now I am back teaching yoga and dancing tango just as I had before the pandemic! SuperSlow is highly recommended.
SuperSlow LA is the place to come on a weekly basis for a really amazing workout. I’ve been working with Benjamin for the last few months, and it’s been the best workout of my life, and I’m seeing really tremendous results.
SuperSlow LA is amazing! I am a big guy who loves to work out, so at first I was skeptical. After doing SuperSlow for three months, I could FEEL the difference, PLUS I have more time to have fun—I’m in for the long haul!
Business owner