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What can SuperSlow LA do for me?

  • The fitness novice. If you think that strength training is not for you, guess again. With the right kind of guidance, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

  • The Overscheduled Overachiever. Is fitness something you never seem to be able to fit into your day? One 30-minute session every week is enough to beat stress and get in shape at the same time.

  • The Elite Athlete. Whether you’re a team player or lone marathoner, SuperSlow LA can help build the strength you need for that competitive edge.

  • Recovering From Injury. If you’re getting over an accident or injury, the worst thing you can do is sit on your rear. SuperSlow LA helps you safely recover, prevent muscle atrophy, and build your fitness too.

Building core strength in your abs, back and pelvis protects your spine and makes it easier to do physical activities — Hello yoga! What’s up, spinning? Let’s dance! — while preventing injury.

Meet some of our clients

Christina is a sports fan who feels that SuperSlow LA allows her to exercise more efficiently than at other training facilities and she likes both her personal trainer, Bruce, and her results.*

Cathi, a retired cancer survivor, was weak from her medical treatments. After exercising with SuperSlow LA for three months, she feels as strong as her husband.*

Cort is a fitness trainer and actor from Los Angeles who keeps his muscle definition sharp with regular sessions at SuperSlow LA.*

Seeane runs a non-profit organization and has very little free time because she travels all over the nation for her clients, Seeane comes to SuperSlow LA every week.*

Is SuperSlow training safe during the Pandemic?

Yes, we are approved by the county of Los Angeles to be safe and open to serve you. Whether you’re a young professional who wants to look fantastic or an older individual looking to increase your flexibility, SuperSlow training helps you increase your fitness level and boost your immune system. Schedule an appointment for a free individualized fitness evaluation today!

Exercising during COVID

SuperSlow LA is now classified as an essential business by the  LA County Department of Public Health, authorized to be OPEN to help keep your mind and body active, fit, and strong enough to feel safe during COVID!

  • Fully Vaccinated Staff
  • One-on-one training only – no one else in the studio during your sessions
  • All COVID safety protocols followed as directed by the City of Los Angeles
  • Sessions scheduled by appointment only
  • Studio space is thoroughly disinfected after each session, for your safety and ours
  • At-home virtual sessions available for those who need it

The SuperSlow Technique on TV and in Print

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Where can I find SuperSlow LA?

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