Slow motion; fast results

SuperSlow LA provides 30-minutes of high-intensity strength training for adults of all ages that helps clients build muscle mass, increase bone density, boost metabolic rates and improve their overall core strength. Our once-a-week workouts can also help you reduce body fat, alleviate anxiety and depression, and lower blood pressure, providing amazing anti-aging results.* Try SuperSlow today!

What can SuperSlow LA do for me?

  • The fitness novice. If you think that strength training is not for you, guess again. With the right kind of guidance, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

  • The Overscheduled Overachiever. Is fitness something you never seem to be able to fit into your day? One 30-minute session every week is enough to beat stress and get in shape at the same time.

  • Recovering From Injury. If you’re getting over an accident or injury, the worst thing you can do is sit on your rear. SuperSlow LA helps you safely recover, prevent muscle atrophy, and build your fitness too.

  • Core Priorities. Building core strength in your abs, back and pelvis protects your spine and makes it easier to do physical activities — Hello yoga! What’s up, spinning? Let’s dance! — while preventing injury.

  • The Elite Athlete. Whether you’re a team player or lone marathoner, SuperSlow LA can help build the strength you need for that competitive edge.

Where can I find SuperSlow LA?

Is SuperSlow strength training right for me?

Whether you are a young professional who wants to look fantastic, or an older individual looking to increase your flexibility and core strength, SuperSlow training will help you increase your fitness level and improve your physique. Come in and meet us for a free, individualized fitness evaluation and demonstration of our exclusive training regimen!

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Find out more!

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