Since - 1998.

A stronger you

SuperSlow LA helps you become a stronger version of yourself
Since - 1998.

Define your body

SuperSlow LA defines your body. 30 minutes once a week, is all you need over time
Since - 1998.

Shape your body

When eating healthy food and using SuperSlow LA workout, you can see a difference in your shape

Why choose us?


With each session you get stronger. Done slowly with safety in mind.


30 minutes once a week equals a lifetime of health

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Clean Healtly food full of grains and lots of vegetables

Core Strength

Build your ABS, back and pelvis to help create increadible core strength
Our Services

Training Programs

Cardio Strength

The heart is working when using your muscles slowly

Weight Training

30 minutes once a week at SuperSlow

Body Balance

Strong Bones that are more resistant to osteoporosis.

Strength Training

Better walking and posture after just a few months


SuperSlow workouts are built around resistance training

Personalized Workouts

Anyone can do this exercise. We customize each session for you
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Frequently Asked Questions

I feel stronger and more agile and I am still able to dance which I am really fortunate for and I really love the personalized attention I get because as I get older I can’t do the kind of work outs where I am just going-going-going and this is a really mindful way of working out and I really recommend it.
When I wake up in the morning I can get out of bed more freely and more confidently and I am on my feet and I am not sore nearly as much as I was because my muscles and my bones and my whole body is holding me up and I am more sturdy and the confidence is amazing. Before SuperSlow LA, I could not do that, I didn’t have the strength to get up, I was waddling I was in a lot more pain and right now the posture is pretty good and I can move about much more confidently than ever before.