Core Strength

Promotes Muscle Growth

Building your core strength combats Age Related Muscle Loss. As we age we experience a gradual loss of muscle mass known as sarcopenia. This can lead to decreased strength, mobility, and indolence.

Strength training helps to counteract this muscle loss by stimulating muscle protein synthesis and promoting muscle growth.

A once a week, 30-minute session at SUPERSLOWLA is the answer. Here, whole body maximum health and fitness become totally doable, and absolutely achievable.

Improve Muscle Mass

Aging doesn’t have to mean losing your strength and independence. Core strength training is a powerful ally against sarcopenia, the natural decline of muscle mass as you age. By stimulating muscle growth and improving endurance, these exercises ensure you maintain your vitality, mobility, and independence well into your later years.

Ease Back Pain

Say goodbye to nagging back pain with targeted core exercises. Strengthening your core offers crucial support for your lower back, alleviating unnecessary pressure on your spine. This approach not only diminishes discomfort but also improves your posture and reduces the likelihood of future injuries. Embrace a life where back pain doesn’t dictate your limits.

Reduce the Risk of Falls

Embrace core strength training and discover the key to enhanced balance and stability. It’s more than just achieving a toned appearance; it’s about building a solid foundation that supports every movement. With a stronger core, you’ll navigate through your day with grace and ease, significantly reducing the risk of falls and improving your functional movement.

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What's the secret to SUPERSLOWLA?

It's simple: if you force your body to move very slowly with resistance until you are completely exhausted, you can achieve fast muscle growth and core strength without wasting hours in a conventional gym!
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