What Are the Benefits to Strength Training?

There are numerous benefits to strength training. However, many people associate strength exercises with bodybuilders…

Furthermore, it’s a common belief that our bodies must lose their strength, agility, and shape as we age. But although each passing decade will leave a certain mark, it doesn’t necessarily mean we should become weak, stiff, or overweight.

SuperSlow LA offers a solution for those who notice such aging signs but have no time or idea what to do about it. So, read on to learn more about our fitness program and the benefits to strength training!

About SuperSlow LA

SuperSlow LA is a personal fitness facility that offers a unique exercise program. We use the “slow movement” technique and special equipment to build your muscle and core strength. So, by moving very slowly with resistance, you will start gaining muscle and core strength. If you give us only twenty minutes each week, you will look and feel your best and experience many other benefits to strength training.

Benefits to Strength Training: Why Should You Give It a Try?

Studies claim that muscle strength declines between 16% and 40% by the time you turn forty. But you don’t have to become a part of such statistics. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits to strength training.

The Main Benefits to Strength Training

1. Improving Bone Density

After the age of forty, bone density slowly declines until bones become brittle. SuperSlow LA is a strength training older adults should also consider because it slows down this process.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Nearly half of adults in the US have high blood pressure. So, when talking about the benefits to strength training, we can’t skip over the lower blood pressure that results from less body fat.

3. Increasing Core Strength 

With our strength training, upper body muscles and core strength start to build up. As a result, you will improve your posture, balance, breathing, reduce back pain and your waistline.

4. Building Muscle Mass

With SuperSlow LA, you’ll slow down the aging process, increase your strength, lose weight, as well as increase mobility.

5. Increasing Metabolic Rate

Our exercises are designed to boost your metabolism, which means more energy and better circulation. You will also notice your skin looks nicer and that you heal faster.

6. Less Anxiety and Depression

The last one on the list of benefits to strength training is better mood and general emotional state.

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