One-on-One Training Sessions for Everyone

One-on-one training sessions have always had their perks, but never more so than now, during the pandemic. If you want to stay fit and healthy without worrying about COVID-19, SuperSlow LA is the right place for you. Book your appointment today and watch as you become stronger, more energized, and happier overall!

One-on-One Personal Training Near Me

The Los Angeles area is full of gyms and workout centers, but none like SuperSlow LA. Our one-on-one training sessions include slow, deliberate movements which target all of your muscles, forcing them to work harder than ever. There’s no excess jumping or running, yet the results will be visible even after just a few sessions!

Since our one-on-one training approach differs so greatly from the one traditional gyms apply, a 30-minute session a week is quite enough. Of course, you can book more appointments in a week if you want to. But even if you opt for just one, don’t worry. Our skilled personal trainers will make sure each minute counts!

Personalized Training Session

Regardless of your age or skill level, SuperSlow LA can help you get in shape. During our one-on-one training sessions, our training specialists will see what you need and design a program just for you. So, even if you’re older or suffered an injury, you shouldn’t shy away. In fact, our training can help you regain vitality and recover quicker!

In short, we gladly work with all sorts of people here. Fitness novices of all ages are just as welcome as professional athletes who need to stay in top shape. And the best part is that you have absolute privacy during our one-on-one training sessions. No one but your trainer will watch you.

COVID-19-Free Gym

To show you that we take your health seriously, we’ve taken all measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our gym. One-on-one training sessions are just a part of it — our staff is fully vaccinated. On top of that, we disinfect all equipment after each session and allow only scheduled appointments. And if you’d rather not leave your home, we also provide virtual training sessions!

Schedule an Appointment Today

SuperSlow LA is a unique gym with an unconventional approach, but that’s exactly why it works. Don’t listen to us, though — come and try it for yourself. Schedule your one-on-one training session today, and you’ll get the first one for free!