• How long do you need to exercise?

    How long do you need to exercise?

    As we get older, many of us look for the best and most efficient ways to exercise. I found that by doing SuperSlow, a 30-minute strength training program, I was working out enough to become stronger and have more endurance for everyday tasks. I found an article that not only suggests you can exercise with the same results, but you can do it in less time. The research shows that you can achieve the same endurance levels with intense, short exercises that you would by spending hours working out less strenuously or doing other low-impact exercises.

    One counter-intuitive benefit of SuperSlow workouts is that you avoid injury by doing less. Here’s a New York Times article that not only suggests this, but shows the evidence. SuperSlow-style training is a new way of looking at how we do exercise. I thought this would be very interesting reading.

    Yours for good health, Benjamin
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