• Sugar, the enemy of our health

    Sugar, the enemy of our health

    Last year I experienced major health problems due to inflammation, and I was desperate to find answers. I went to a number of doctors, and they all told me it was a mild form of arthritis. Only one doctor suggested that I lose some weight, and also change my diet.

    We also spoke at great length about a legal drug that affects almost every human being. This drug is in everything that tastes good! What is that drug? I’m referring to sugar, a food that causes many chronic diseases and has no nutritional value. After reading a really scary article about how the sugar industry hid problems with their products years ago, I changed my eating habits so I now eat little or no sugar.

    I stopped eating bread, pasta, processed foods and even alcohol, but what happened to me was astonishing! I lost 15 pounds within months, and I threw out all my anti-inflammation medications. I controlled my condition by how I ate. Success!

    Now, cliché time: I also want you to know that besides being the owner of SuperSlow LA™, I’m also a client. I found that by changing my diet and incorporating strength training, I feel alive and healthy again. You can do the same; I encourage you to contact me or come in to our studio for a consultation. Hopefully, SuperSlow LA can have the same effect on you that it did on me!

    I recommend that you read the above article with an open mind, and see if it resonates with you.

    To your health!
    Benjamin Fisher

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