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Are you looking for the best option for personal training Los Angeles has to offer? At SuperSlow LA, you can build muscle, lose fat, and improve your balance, metabolism, and confidence— all in just 30 minutes every week!

Sounds too good to be true? It is actually not. Contact us to find out how!

What We Offer You

One of the most common misconceptions that a lot of people have is that, to see great results, you have to work out at least five times a week. These workouts should supposedly be harsh and leave you gasping for breath and unable to move. But, no pain, no gain, right?


Our slow exercise program ensures your muscles and core get the high-intensity training that they need without leaving you in pain for days on end. Your body will experience high intensity in the shortest amount of time possible, meaning you won’t have to do the workout again and again, every day.

In addition, the aftermath of such training is mild in comparison to other workouts. You won’t have trouble getting up from bed the next morning or going about your everyday life.

Thus, this training plan is perfect no matter which fitness level you are on. Whether you are a fitness newbie or an experienced gym lover, or program will benefit you entirely.

A Program for All Ages

Our workout plan is suitable for all ages and strength levels. Are you a busy mom looking for a quick and easy way to work out that won’t take you away from home for too long? Or are you a senior who wants to stay in shape and live your best life by being active?

Our program was built for both of these types and everyone in between. Contact us to find out more!

Three Steps to a Better Life

1.    Schedule Your First Session

Contact our team at SuperSlow LA and schedule your introductory workout session. That is where you will learn all about our scientifically backed program and see whether it suits you.

2.    Work With a Certified Personal Trainer

When you opt to continue your sessions, you will get to work with one of our fantastic personal trainers. Your workouts will also be fully customized to suit your needs and body type. The coaching from your trainer will enable you to improve on every level and gain more confidence each week.

3.    Watch for Results

Though our program is rather time-efficient and straightforward, the results are quick to show, and they will wow you. Follow along your fitness journey, set goals, accomplish them, and feel better than ever in your skin!

The Best Personal Training Near Me

There is no need to ask yourself, what is the most affordable personal trainer near me? anymore. With our program, you will get to work with a seasoned professional who will help you achieve all your fitness goals.

Contact us today, and start your journey at the most successful program for personal training Los Angeles has ever seen. We are waiting for you!