Exercise Solutions For People On The Go

Exercise is no hobby, it is a lifestyle. Much thought and effort are put into planning diets, scheduling workouts, researching new routines and getting adequate, recuperative rest. With so much time dedicated to the human pursuit of maximum health, exercising often comes up against other hobbies. In our hectic and busy modern world, it is tough work to manage a full time job, a fitness routine, run a household and still make time for working out.  Read on for some solutions that will help alleviate common exercise issues faced by people today.

Diet.  Carefully planned, consistent dieting is the cornerstone of any great exercise routine. Bodybuilders pay particular attention to what they put in their body; often scaling up the calories for mass gaining and scaling down the calories for a cut. Sticking to a diet in our chaotic world is extremely difficult.  

The diet solution for even the busiest days is to front-load the big meals before you set out. For instance, if you plan on leaving your house at noon, you could prepare and eat your typical lunch and dinner meals in the morning. This would leave the more portable meals and snacks to take with you on your meetings, errands and other appointments.  As long as you meet your macronutrient levels for the day, your diet will be intact. It does not matter when you eat them.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). The soreness and pain of the days following a good workout can make doing any other activity uncomfortable. An exercise routine involving squats or lunges will give your legs a nice burn for the next few days and can make hiking, running or even walking a chore. The solution is to plan your exercise routine around your known appointments, chores or duties.  If you know you’ll be walking a great deal this weekend, be sure to do a leg routine or any intense cardio several days before to give yourself time to fully recover.

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