Taking Charge Of Your Bone Health With Exercise

As we age, we often became aware of noticeable aging traits: Reading the daily death notices; Talking to yourself; and Forgetting the punch lines to jokes.  All humor efforts aside, perhaps a disturbing inheritance of aging for many people is osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis causes bones to thin and weaken and leaves people vulnerable to hip and other fractures.  

As with many other age-related conditions, there are things we can do to protect ourselves from osteoporosis.  Several controllable osteoporosis factors include:  

Not enough calcium and vitamin D intake; Smoking cigarettes; Drinking too much alcohol; and being sedentary.  Your risks of developing osteoporosis can be reduced by taking steps to build stronger bones by eating low or nonfat dairy products, replace pop or soda with water or a decaffeinated beverage and exercising regularly including weight-bearing exercises. Research has shown that regular exercise helps a great deal to increase your bone mass.

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