• Study: Strength Training Is Important As We Age

    Study: Strength Training Is Important As We Age

    Here’s a fascinating look at our aging process. When we add weightlifting to our weekly fitness routine, we can make significant gains in muscle mass and strength as well as improve our mobility, mental sharpness and metabolic health. The experiments used in this study show significant reversals in bone density loss, and appear to help stop

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  • Welcome Corrie Blissit, our new trainer

    Welcome Corrie Blissit, our new trainer

    I’m super-excited to announce two things: first, our fantastic trainer of many years, Carly Swartzman, is changing careers, pursuing her dream of helping the L.A. community as a Registered Nurse. Carly’s been studying nursing while working at SuperSlow, and she’s finally ready to change uniforms! Because of this, we were searching for an amazing SuperSlow

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  • Got 20 minutes a week to be healthy?

    Got 20 minutes a week to be healthy?

    I wanted to share this WebMD article with everyone, about the fitness expert who certified me. Slow-motion weight training is not only safer, but more efficient too. I believe in, and train with the concept that less is more. All anyone needs to be stronger than they ever could imagine is 20 minutes once a week.

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  • Strength Training and longevity

    Strength Training and longevity

    I’ve spent the better part of ten years researching for myself the correlation between strength training and longevity. Last year, I discovered a scientific study by researchers at Penn State College of Medicine that looked at 15,000 adults over a 30-year time frame, and the results were eye-opening.

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