How to Improve Your Motivation to Exercise

Funny thing about exercise.  With pretty much everything in life, and people pretty much existing 24/7 online and eternally searching the worldwide web, there is definitely a lack of widely accessible information regarding exercising.  For instance, most of us could and would easily access accurate information on how to install satellite television or how to read a financial statement.  

When it comes to exercise things are definitely different.  There is information everywhere and everyone knows, or says they know, how and some way to exercise. However … the lack of motivation towards exercise shown by humans worldwide proves that we do not do what we know, and we do not do what we want either because most of us genuinely want to exercise but we don’t always do it. 

Clearly, in order to exercise we need to do, not just what we know or want, but what we are motivated to do. This article will share a few strategies that hope to help you become motivated to exercise.

#1 — Have a vision about your self-image.  The truth is most of us have a certain picture of how we would like to look. Without a vision of our ideal body shape or weight you are doomed to just pump food into your body and not make an effort to lose weight. This article is not at all saying you should not accept yourself the way you are. Rather … This article is saying that it is important for each and every person to have a vision about your healthy self-image, and accepting yourself the way you are right now might mean you do wish to change your self-image when it comes to being fit or weight loss. 

#2 — Forget fitness rules and do what you like

It is easy to get trapped into what experts think exercise should be. Things in life get done when we have fun and are excited. Forget what other people think exercise should be. What are you exactly into? Whatever you are into, let that be your exercise.

Pickup your momentum and move away from a sedentary lifestyle.  The reason most of us successfully learned to ride a bicycle when we were young was due to the fact that even-though falling was painful, we did what we liked. Do what you like when it comes to exercise to overcome what you perceive as pain in exercising.

#3 — Do not eat for taste.

To keep motivated to exercise you need to see results, like muscle gain, weight loss or a toned body.  If you do not see results, you are likely to give up.  To see results you need to eat well. Remember if you want to lose weight or gain muscle 80% of exercise results depend on your diet and 20% depend on your physical effort.

Most people fail when it comes to diet because they eat for taste. When it comes to taste, pretty much everyone would agree that KFC definitely beats a dish of steamed or cooked vegetables. So … the real truth is that when we eat for taste we set ourselves up for failure.  Commit to eat differently.  Eat for nutrition rather taste. 

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