The Way To Stay Young & Combat Aging

Many people in our modern culture have been led to believe that pain and fatigue are the inevitable result of aging. In fact, humans are told that as we get older, we should slow down, take it easy, and not push ourselves to hard. What if the opposite were true?

The results of a 25 year Ball State University on runners found that many of the runners who continued to train into old age had aerobic capacities almost identical to what they had 20 years ago.  In addition, a 10 year study at the University of Florida Center For Exercise Science found that runners who took up resistance or strength training were able to maintain their muscle and even add muscle mass over the ten years. Those who did not, continued to lose muscle mass with every passing year.

These study results apply to everyone, not just athletes. Strength training not only has repeatedly and consistently shown to create stronger muscles and bones, but also to strengthen connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. Stronger ligaments and tendons are tremendously helpful in avoiding injury at any stage of life — whether it is playing sports, running, or simply picking up your child.

The truth is that many of the most dreaded and feared age-related declines are brought about not at all because of the natural process of aging, but as a result of poor lifestyle choices. In our modern world, the vast majority of the population goes against nature by leading a sedentary lifestyle. This causes many muscle and joint problems that can easily be avoided and/or solved by increasing strength, agility and flexibility. It is easily possible with regular and consistent exercise to significantly reduce injury, maintain balance, sustain your coordination and slow the age-associated loss of muscle function.

Today’s world populated by couch potatoes, computer jockeys and people who lead sedentary lives, become frail at a much faster rate. They tend to lose not only strength, muscle mass, and agility, but also put on more fat and sustain more injuries due to loss of balance and/or extremely poor health. In fact, according to the federal government, Americans live an average of 73.7 years, but spend their last 11.7 years in a “dysfunctional life”, which is a life marked by disease and impairment. This is just sad. Who out there wants to live out their remaining years sitting in a bed unable to move. Don’t you want to be up, playing with your grandkids, children and pets, as well as staying active and independent all the way up to the end? 

Proper exercise has the power to reverse many aspects of the aging process. The younger you begin, the better off you are. Regular and consistent exercise is probably the single most effective way to lengthen life. It can rejuvenate you and take years off your chronological age, making it the closest thing to an anti-aging pill. There are no shortcuts! You want to live longer? Put in the time now! Do not wait for tomorrow. Teach yourself to love being active and it will pay off not only later in life, but immediately. You can expect to see immediate jumps in energy levels, faster metabolism, slimmer waistlines, lower blood pressure, a healthier emotional state, and a sharp mind. 

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