• Got 20 minutes a week to be healthy?

    Got 20 minutes a week to be healthy?

    I wanted to share this WebMD article with everyone, about the fitness expert who certified me. Slow-motion weight training is not only safer, but more efficient too. I believe in, and train with the concept that less is more. All anyone needs to be stronger than they ever could imagine is 20 minutes once a week.

    How about this for an exercise resolution: “I promise to lift weights once a week for 20 minutes.”


    Sound like a pledge you could keep?

    According to Adam Zickerman, author of Power of 10: The Once-a-Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution, 20 minutes of very slow weight training weekly is all the exercise you need to burn calories, build bone density, and stay fit.

    Twenty minutes a week is a much less intimidating commitment than the standard recommendation of at least three days of cardiovascular exercise and two days of strength training. But does it work?

    Read the rest of the article here.

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    Yours in good health, Bruce

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