Exercises to stop aging process

How Exercise Can Help Stop Aging

It does not take a rocket scientist to discover how fast the body changes. That is true whether you are considering it from the inside or outside. Well … you’ve probably heard it a zillion times, but regular exercise can actually do wonders for one’s physical health. In fact, exercise acts in many ways like a fountain of youth.

There are many effects of aging, and some fortunate people age with very few health issues. On the other hand, others experience symptoms of osteopenia, osteoarthritis, and other effects that typically occur when bone mass starts to deteriorate. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), as aging occurs it may reduce the content of mineral in the bones resulting in fragile bones and the eventual development of further health issues such as hip fractures resulting from bone degeneration, crush fractures along the spine, arthritis and reduced flexibility.

Read on to learn how much, as well as the types of, regular exercise can help reduce aging.  

How much exercise is appropriate? Light exercise is enough to engender some benefits, but the more physical activity and exercise one engages in, the more benefits that can be realized. If you are 65 years old or more, and are fit with no health problems that limit your activity, then CDC recommends moderate exercise for 150 minutes per week. They state that this exercise can even be accomplished in as small as 10 minute exercise intervals.

As to the types of exercise that help to optimize health benefits, the CDC recommends at least three days each week of light exercise, consisting of activities such as swimming, power walking, biking or engaging in light sports.

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